Sharepoint developers integrates intranet, content management and document management, but recent versions have broader capabilities. SharePoint is described as a web application framework and platform developed by Microsoft. It also has system integration, process integration, and workflow automation capabilities. SharePoint uses lists as its primary storage mechanism, it has its own component model or features, it has its own packaging and deployment model (Solutions), and many more. SharePoint comes with a lot of extendable parts that we can build on. Enterprise application software often provide some SharePoint integration capability. It is built upon the ASP.Net framework and also provides an additional layer of services and codebase to greatly reduce the amount of custom development required to provide a working application.


The very job of sharepoint developers in Australia or in general is to solve varieties of business problems. Their job titles describes the tasks they perform basically, not the tools they use. SharePoint is basically a web application framework and platform developed by Microsoft. It is able to provide intranet portals, document and file management, collaboration, various social networks, extranets, websites, enterprise search, and business intelligence. The ultimate goal of the developers is to cater to the various needs of the business. SharePoint development starts with the utilization of specialized tools like SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, and maybe Visual Studio for script development and uses scripting and markup to develop solutions. There are few features for which developers use SharePoint, viz. File sharing as it is an easy way to share documents on the web, then is company extranet where users are not all in one location or rather authentication domain therfore using form based authentication, accounts can be created for people across physical and company boundaries. Then is content management where MOSS incorporated the functionality which gives better search, and lastly, search feature is basically security trimmed, relevant and performant. Sharepoint is really of two different technologies: Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) and Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS). SharePoint developers need browser to work not an infrastructure expertise. We can say a properly implemented SharePoint intranet improves employee collaboration and optimize business processes also. SharePoint is often used to store and track electronic documents or images of paper documents, can be used to provide password-protected, web-facing access to people outside an organization and also provides the benefit of a central location for storing and collaborating on documents.

DreamzTech Australia is the leading provider of integrated business throughout the globe. The most important advantage is that SharePoint being a document management/publishing system so essentially it allows companies to create Intranet web-enabled applications to allow employees to edit web pages and share documents. The benefit is that SharePoint facilitates efficient management of enterprise knowledge and simplifies how people collaborate, find and share information, enabling innovation, make better decisions and yet, retain the knowledge of the company. DreamzTech Australia gives quality approach which integrates industry practices in security policy, process and technology enhanced by the years of experience in the industry. Webcoda Sydney are SharePoint consultants who deliver fast and effective SharePoint solutions and developers to companies of all sizes.